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Morris Mcneil



Christy Marsh

Sales / Support Manager

Oversees workflow of the business. Understands sales, marketing and trends affecting business and technology. Superb customer service. Current with technology and computer applications.

Ryan Amit

Design Engineer

Manage the Development and scope of company wide projects. Defines product safety and quality, as well as validating performance cost requirements. Coordinates with operations and sales to achieve the desired results.

Joseph Weston

COO / Idealist

Leads and directs global operations by establishing creative solutions and successfully guiding decisions throughout the organization. Providing eye-catching results that excel within the industry through unsurpassed skills as a brand expert. 

Matt Cummings

Technical Architect

Supervision of the technical support group and technical quality control through out all stages of technology to ensure that all components are properly integrated and implemented.

Erin Harper

Business Analyst

Responsible for a full range of activities which ensures the operational effectiveness and excellence of the business enterprise, data management, reporting and analytic process. In-depth knowledge of business strategies and business intelligence.